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eu recovery and resilience plan

Welcome to the subpage where we seek insights into the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan, and try to cover digitization tenders and EU Recovery projects in Spain and Portugal.

Here, we will try to give you the best possible overview as complete as possible.

EU Recovery newsletter
You can now sign up for the newsletter we have made specifically for the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan. The newsletter will develop in size and scope as we get more information from the EU Recovery projects. We strive to send out information every 3-4 week.

You can subscribe by writing to the following e-mail: [email protected]

If you have any requests for how we could optimize the newsletter to give more value to you and other clients, please do not hesitate to contact us.


EU Revocery Funds Newsletter #1: Spanish Tenders.

EU Recovery Funds Newsletter #2: Spanish Tenders.